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Black Hellebore release their video for “Open up your Mind”

Born from a desire to innovate and mix genres, Black Hellebore is a young French metal band founded in 2021 by singer/guitarist Cyrielle Duval and guitarist/composer Anthony Osché. Black Hellebore finds its origin in Cyrielle Duval’s solo project.

Black Hellebore

In 2014, the young woman met guitar virtuoso Stéphan Forte (ex-Adagio), who became her guitar teacher. Graduating as an agricultural engineer in 2016, Cyrielle decided to devote herself entirely to music and thus joined the Music Academy Internationale. In 2018, she released her first single “Invidia” co-written with Stéphan Forté. Following this first collaboration, Cyrielle plans to pursue this project with a first solo album. She calls again on Stéphan for part of the composition, and also surrounds herself with Jelly Cardarelli (Disconnected, ex-Adagio) on drums and mix. As well as Anthony Osché, a young guitarist and composer also a former student of Stéphan Forté. It is during the recording of the album that the idea of forming a group around this project was born, and not a solo project. Thus, in 2021, Cyrielle and Anthony founded Black Hellebore.

It is difficult to define precisely the musical style of the group, because it draws its inspiration from many styles. If it is certainly about metal carried by a current and modern production, we also find symphonic influences, electro/dubstep or death with growled voices. “Our main objective with this album was really to offer something very varied, so that each music lover can find a track that speaks to him more particularly, but while keeping a common guideline for all the tracks. We think that the bet is successful, the listener should not get bored by discovering the tracks, and he could even have nice surprises from one track to another.”

The line-up should evolve further in the future. “It will be an opportunity for people who discover BH to follow the evolution of the band in real time, and in a way to build with it. This dynamic will be clearly visible in the sequence of our first clips.” Indeed, a first single “Open up your Mind” is already out. As for the first album of the group, “Disorder”, it is expected for late November 2021.

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