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Deathcode Society – Pre-order live album ‘The Armageddon Carnival’

Deathcode Society launch a pre-order campaign for the release of their live album ‘The Armageddon Carnival’ .

This live album has been recorded in France in 2017, on the 27th of April. It is the last testimony of Franz E. playing with the band. Band comment: “We wished this live album pays tribute to his unique talent.”


Deathcode Society states:

“In recent years, we have had the chance to perform on many stages, some of them very prestigious, but if we have a few filmed testimonies, we have never had the opportunity or the time to record one of our multitrack concerts – with one exception.

The place where this recording took place is very symbolic: it’s where our first rehearsal as a real band took place, in 2013. “Le Brise Glace” in Annecy is not only a rehearsal studio complex, but also a concert hall in which we had the pleasure of playing on April 27, 2017 – it was that evening that the performance was captured and recorded. At the end of the concert, we didn’t really know what to do with these tracks – releasing a live album was far from being a priority.

But in March of this year, we revised our judgment following the sudden death of our guitarist Franz. From then on, we remembered that a professional recording was asleep on a hard disk. We exhumed the files, listened carefully to the whole thing and came to the conclusion that it was presentable as it stood. We took our time to mix and master these tracks, so that today it is possible for us to share them with those who follow and support us since our beginnings. Obviously, everyone will notice that it is not a concert given in a stadium. But that’s precisely the purpose of this record and our music.

This album is an honest testimony of what DEATHCODE SOCIETY is capable of on stage. No overdub, no editing. An absolute passion and devotion for Art. And that is why this record is rare, especially nowadays, especially since unfortunately it is also the last tribute we can pay to the talent of our brother who left too soon.”


The artwork is signed by Misanthropic Arts and Charles Boisard who carried out, entirely by hand, the calligraphy work.

You can order right now your CD – a limited collector version or a more classic one.
To pre-order the CD, use this page : https://ulule.com/deathcode-society/



1- The Mark of Cain
2- NooS
3- The Inner Vortex
4- Pandaemonium 1.1
5- Pigrimage
6- Seraphic Requiem
7- Nails

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