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Fall of Summer – Announce that there will be no 5th edition in 2018

The Fall of Summer, which usually takes place at the beginning of September, has just announced that there will not be a fifth edition in 2018.

Press release published by the organizer:

“Following a 2017 edition that was as much satisfying as it was stressful and during which all of us (Crew, volunteers, festival attendees, bands…) have been put to the test by a very bad weather; the accumulated to overstrain of these past 4 years of work, on top of our respective day jobs, was felt much more than the previous years.

2017 was an attendance success (with a 20% increase compared to 2016) but was also a heavy challenge induced by the horrible weather which led to colossal costs of the festival site renovation and an obvious reduction of bar sales distorting all our prognostics and expectations for this edition.

Grave Digger – Fall of Summer 2017 – photo credit : Phenix Galasso Photography


All these elements, accrued to the fatigue and some upcoming modifications of the Torcy site which in the future will make the festival organisation more expensive and complicated, are pushing us to realise that if we wish to be able to offer you an event made with the passion and the requirements it deserves, we need to take a seat back this year.

Fall of Summer always had at heart to be a genuine and authentic festival, honest and without any kind of tricks. A festival for which we have invested our body and soul for 4 years now to end the open-air festival season in the best way possible. Since the beginning and until this day, we have done our best to listen and take note of your remarks to improve your festival experience so you could enjoy the music as much as possible.

Coven – Fall of Summer 2017 – photo credit : Phenix Galasso Photography


We think that trying to tackle fate and rushing into the organisation of an event this year would be an excess of pride. As rational persons we’d rather work towards offering you a well-thought event of quality, rather than risking to throw ourselves into a low-key edition of the festival for the sole reason of absolutely having an edition this year.

The musical and artistic exigency has always been at the heart of our commitment, and it is for this vision that we are not throwing up our hands!

However, we need some time to focus on what’s essential, bring some changes to our organisation and review some financial aspects in order to keep offering a quality event.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and your support!
For those of you who wish to support us financially: buy some merch and wear it with pride to support morally, but most of all, keep supporting the scene stay curious and opened to music!

See you soon!”

Venom – Fall of Summer 2017 – photo credit : Phenix Galasso Photography




Line-Up 2017: Annihilator – Above – Azarath – Blasphemy – Broken Hope – Bulldozer – Cattle Decapitation – Count Raven – Coven – Coven – Crescent – Demolition Hammer – Doom – Ende – Gaahls Wyrd – Grave Digger – Hideous – Immolation – Magma – Marduk – Melechesh – Merciless – Morbid Saint – Morbid Saint – Necrowret Delambora

Productions: Yoann Gloaguen
OPV: Evan Ravo, Alex Kaemmerer, Alex Tiout, Hugo Jg
Editing: Evan Ravo and Alex Kaemmerer
Calibration: Adrien Lescure
Music: VENOM – Black Metal



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