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Festerday complete new album

Death metal outfit Festerday have completed their forthcoming new album record, which will be released later this year. The new album was recorded at Wolfthone Studios in Finland, and a small preview of things to come can be viewed at the video below.


Festerday will release their debut full-length on Season of Mist later 2018.


Regarding the new record, Festerday comment:

“A year ago, we tried out this nice little studio located in the middle of pretty much nowhere and instantly fell for the sound and engineering techniques. A year later we are here again, finalizing our debut album. Keep an eye on this upcoming monster because we ‘ere talk about a versatile and fat album with death, punk and blackish nuances. If you put Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Deicide and Napalm Death in the same train, this is what you’ll get – one hell of a ride so to speak.”

On previous news, Season of Mist announced the signing of Festerday. Not counting the compilation of earlier material, the Finnish death metal cult act will release its debut studio album on Season of Mist.

Regarding their signing, Festerday comment:

“It is now close to 25 years, following our decision to split up. It has taken as many years after writing any songs for this band that we got our shit together again and came up with new material to see where this might take us. Six new songs later, we sent them to various labels and magazines. Much to our surprise, the feedback was overwhelming. After negotiating with different labels and pondering over their offers, we decided to take action and double the excitement by joining a familiar and globally established label: Season of Mist. It feels like coming full circle to return to the label, where it all started with …AND OCEANS over 20 years ago. Like in this old proverb, it goes without saying: the frost will drive a pig back home.”

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