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Letter from the colony – surreal music video “Erasing Contrast”

Few time after announcing their signing with Nuclear Blast, the Swedes of Letters from the Colony are ready to deliver their world of virtuosity  with their surreal music video “Erasing Contrast”

On February 16th, prog extreme metal architects LETTERS FROM THE COLONY will guide listeners into their world of math metal, crushing death elements and virtuosic shoegaze moments, all united in their debut album “Vignette”.

Singer Alexander Backlund comments:
“We’re proud to share the first single off of our debut album »Vignette«. ‘Erasing Contrast’ saw it’s completion shortly after I joined the band, and is in many ways the song that set this whole thing in motion for us. The lyrics — which were my first musical contribution — are about this sort of phantom self that haunts all of us; our ideal selves as seen by ourselves or others. We’re all born as blank slates, but along our various walks of life we construct a false perspective.

We’re endlessly comparing our triumphs and failings to manufactured realities sold to us by the media, or by our peers. From birth we’re told of all the things that we could be, but in a world where anyone can aspire to be anything the strong prey on the weak while the rest of us are left to carry the burden of infinite potential. Our self-image will always stand in contrast to all of the things we could have achieved, should we have chosen a different path. This is the nature of our humanity. It’s an inherent flaw within our way of thinking that companies and religious groups love to exploit. Want nothing, have nothing, take nothing, none… except for our album »Vignette«, you should totally buy a copy.”

Jens Bogren (Orphaned Land, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, etc)  has mastered this 55 minutes opus.



01. Galax
02. Erasing Contrast
03. The Final Warning
04. This Creature Will Haunt Us Forever
05. Cataclysm
06. Terminus
07. Glass Palaces
08. Sunwise
09. Vignette

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