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Metallers Backstabber offer a free download of “No Privacy”!

Metallers BACKSTABBER are sharing their fury with a FREE download of their single “No Privacy”. This song is off their forthcoming debut album “Conspiracy Theorist” set to be unleashed on February 15th 2019.

The 10 track album is a fierce full-length that encompasses themes about scandals, critiques of mainstream media and conspiracies such as hollow Earth.

Conspiracy Theorist” is an album that’s meant to open your mind about the way the world revolves around us. As it offers a new perspective on many issues that we see in our lives” – Christian M. Thériault

Remaining old school, there are no clean vocals or breakdowns here. Just a solid and mature death/thrash metal album, with good flow and clear thought in the tracks and compositions.

Their single “No Privacy” is a brutal track focusing on the pervasive usage of metadata collection. And their multiple applications merged with quantum analyzing.

The band explains further:

No Privacy focuses on the fact that privacy is almost gone with metadata. It indeed makes you question the difference between privacy and liberty. We also explore the possibilities of analyzing metadata with quantum computers. And the creation of real-life simulation programs like Sentient World Simulation and their implications in real life.

If you can create a real-time virtual reality with quantum computers collecting and analyzing metadata. That program could run simulations of almost everything and in the end. It could guess the future with an unbelievable level of certainty.”

Picture: Jean-Francois Girard

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