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Nekrokraft – releases “Witches Funeral”

Nekrokraft compiles their earlier demos on their new album “Witches Funeral”. Album have been release on 19th of January 2018 in The Sign Records.

Today Nekrokraft releases the previously unreleased tracks “Wrath of the Heavens” that was written in the same era as the demos. Combining a raw, brutal and untamed sound with blackened melodies shows the first primal steps of these fallen creatures. With a total of ten tracks of thrashing black metal that contains eight original songs and covers of Slayer “Angel of Death” and Bathory “Satan my Master”. Let the hammer fall, this is the hour of the witch.

Nekrokraft is spending the last half of 2017 in the studio recording their new album “Servants” that will be out late spring of 2018. The band have previously released the mini-album “Will o’ Wisp” on The Sign Records 2016. Singer Angst have since Nekrokrafts last album joined Swedish blackened thrash legends Witchery. The songs on Witches Funeral are taken from three different recording sessions and are compiled from two demos and previously unreleased material.


Angst: “We often refer to these demos as the forgotten times of Nekrokraft, since we have a hard time remembering the recording session at all. We were wasted and gave in to our fleshly desires…”




1. Burning Ov
2. Cometh Arrives
3. Satan my Master
4. Upon a Trek
5. Witches Funeral
6. The Void
7. Renurn of Kvlt
8. Angel of Death
9. They Swim, They Must Hang
10. Wrath of the Heavens

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