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Smoke Signals reminds fans it’s okay to not be okay!

One of the most important topics in today’s society is mental health and how it can affect everyone in one way or another. Finally the stigma surrounding the tough topic has subsided and while still not always easy to talk about, it’s become more accepted to openly discuss. Musicians know the powerful affect that music can have on listeners and are incorporating more inspirational influences and experiences of their own struggles into the music.

Smoke Signals

Arkansas metal band, Smoke Signals, acknowledges how important it is to talk about the trials and tribulations of life and are proud to premiere the new single, “Letting Go”, that touches on just that.

We’ve all experienced the roller coaster of emotions that life can take. Everyday is not going to be a good day and we’re not always going to have a smile on our faces. It takes strength to get through those tough times and there are a lot of people that depend on music to pull them out of those dark times. Smoke Signals indeed wanted to write a song that would remind fans that it does get better. And to try not to dwell on the past while continuing to move towards the future.

Vocalist George Rich opened up about the meaning behind the track:

It’s about living with anxiety and depression along with the constant effort to overcome it, even though you’re beaten down over and over. Every time you try to let go of everything from your past, somehow it always comes back to haunt you.”

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