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Thy Catafalque stream new album “Geometria” in full

Thy Catafalque are now premiering their complete new masterpiece, “Geometria” , which came out on May 4th, 2018 (Season of Mist).

Mastermind Tamás Kátai states: “Geometria is definitely the smoothest Thy Catafalque album. Although there are some really heavy moments here and there, in general the record is adventurous, free and playful with a decent amount of vocals, violin, saxophone and even a trumpet clearly indicating that metal is but one component here. We enjoyed creating this one big time, and I’m happy to have “Geometria” in the catalogue.”



The artwork of “Geometria”‘, has been created by Tamás Kátai himself.


1. Hajnali csillag
2. Szamojéd freskó
3. Töltés
4. Gőte
5. Sárember
6. Hajó
7. Lágyrész
8. Sík
9. Balra a nap
10. Tenger, tenger
11. Ének a búzamezőkről

Guest musicians:

Martina Veronika Horváth (NULAH, NIBURTA): vocals on track 1, 3, 9, 10, 11
Gyula Vasvári (PERIHELION): vocals in track 5, 6
Misha Doumnov: violin on track 1, 3, 5, 10
Balázs Hermann (GIRE): fretless bass on track 4
David Jean-Baptiste: saxophone on track 4
Colin Hume: trumpet on track 4
Viktória Varga: narration on track 1

Words & music: Tamás Kátai

Thy Catafalque do not pretend to produce easy listening music that comes as easy as it quickly fades out of the mind again. ‘Geometria’ demands to be listened to with full attention, but with every new spin this masterpiece reveals more of its secrets and rewards the listener with a rich treasure of fascinating details.

Yet, Thy Catafalque come out as a sonic entity far more than just its combined parts. What could quickly end up as an academic exercise and meaningless jumble comes in fact across with emotional depth and beautiful soundscapes that render the seams of their components invisible by ingeniously fitting every tessera into a greater musical picture.

Thy Catafalque are delivering another spectacular musical mosaic with their eighth full-length, entitled ‘Geometria’. The project’s sole mastermind, Tamás Kátai has one again assembled pieces out of such diverse genres as ambient, folklore, jazz, metal, electronica, rock, pop, wave, and other styles that each taken for itself seems not to fit easily to the other parts.

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