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VANDALE have unveiled their first single called “UENO”!

Hailing from Paris, France, VANDALE have just released their first single called “UENO” everywhere. The track is from their upcoming EP “The Electric Night” which is planned for a September release.

On this debut single, the band comments:

The song “UENO” is actually the last song we wrote for the record and also the quickest since we wrote it and recorded it in one night. It’s also a song that encapsulate the style of the EP : it’s powerful yet melodic and melancolic at the same time.

I wrote the lyrics for this song back when I was in Japan a couple of months ago while I was staying in a neighborhood called UENO and since I was inspired by this place, it only made sense to me to call the song “UENO”.

This song is about guilt and not being able to forgive yourself for the bad things that you’ve done or the people you’ve hurt. Basically not being able to move on from your past even if you’ve own all of your mistakes. It’s just me saying “I apologize for the hurt I may have caused and now I choose to disappear for good”.

I do believe that people can change and become better and I know that we’ve all done things in the past that we regret. And even if people forgive you, this guilt never goes away and you just have to live and deal with it”.

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