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VERATRUM – New lyric video for “La Stella Imperitura.”

Prophetic Black Metallers Veratrum unleash an official lyric video for the song “La Stella Imperitura”, from their new EP ‘Visioni’.

Their epic black metal sound was born to celebrate the dark wisdom and the occult knowledge of the ancient ones, almost lost and forgotten nowadays. Veratrum merge the power of symphonic orchestral with obscure atmospheric elements, thus creating the Prophetic Metal.


Official lyric video by Cult Of Parthenope.
Recorded at Loft-1 Studio by Andrea Facheris.
Mixed and mastered at Domination Studio (Necrodeath, Luca Turilli’s Rhaposody, Labyrinth) by Simone Mularoni.
Featuring guest vocal performances by Taliesin (Eternal Samhain) and Giulian (SCUORN), clarinet solo by Vittorio Sabelli (Dawn Of A Dark Age) and additional choirs by HaddaH.

The song “La Stella Imperitura” pays a homage to the power of the prophetic vision, a superhuman gift, a long forgotten art, that has shaped the history of men and influenced the research of wisdom. Many prophets had visions of stars and skyes, thoughts of the infinity that surrounded themselves and of the heavens and hells beyond, in a continuous contemplation of the fate of men above and beyond the chains of the present moment.


Artwork de Sabnock Design

Veratrum’s new EP “Visioni” is was released on 24th April 2018, and is focused on the ambiguous strength of the prophetic vision and of the premonitory dream, using a mystical setting in order to reflect on our present times of decadence and void.

“Visioni” was recorded at Loft-1 Studio by Andrea Facheris, and was mixed and mastered at Domination Studio (Necrodeath, Luca Turilli’s Rhaposody, Labyrinth) by Simone Mularoni.


01. Oltre Il Vero
02. Per Antares
03. L’Alchimista
04. La Stella Imperitura
05. Limen Operis

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