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Crossing The Limits talk ‘Perseverance’ track by track

Pop-punks Crossing The Limits will release their debut EP ‘Perseverance’ on 6th April 2018. Rachael Holland, the vocalist for the newcomers, sets the scene: “Its about walking through the storm. Life gets rough, but you have to keep going. You can’t just sit there in your rut and give up, you have to persevere through set backs to grow.” Holland is keen to give a further insight into what can be expected, so read on for her track by track breakdown…

Crossing the Limits - Perseverance

Won’t Settle: “This track is pop with an edge, it’s happy, bright sounding, upbeat and catchy. Lyrically, I wrote the song about a girl I had dated. I was really into her and she was the first person I’d liked for a while after coming out of a bad break up. Our chemistry was undeniable but we weren’t on the same page. She was emotionally disconnected, and anytime I’d try and confront her about it she’d just run away. It’s hard letting go of someone that you care about, but if you’re not getting the same respect in return, you have to put yourself first and don’t settle for what isn’t making you happy […]”.

Predictable: “What you can expect from this track is fun, bouncy, punchy, and a whole lot of attitude! This was the last song written before we entered the studio. We were struggling to choose the last song to take with us. Tom came up with the chorus riff in the practice room and the rest was history! The guitar parts both share lead duties on this song, so it’s fun to do duelling guitars when we play it live. It’s got that classic pop punk party vibe to it. It’s a good one to get the crowd involved and out of the comfort zone […]”.

Reverse: “This started as two songs that Tom merged the chords together to. Tom and I spent a while messing around with the structure as I was writing the lyrics alongside it, which really helped develop the song as a whole. The song didn’t change too much in the studio. But all the additional riffs and synth parts really added to the sound and it came out amazing! It’s great live, as it’s one of those songs that has a big, beefy sound, but also has some nice stops and starts in it to give everyone a burst of energy  […]”.

Chaos: “You can expect mellow, hopeful, and uplifting from this song. We wanted to write a song that had a picky lead, and this is what turned out. Adding the thrashing power chords underneath give the song a real relentless feel. It was fun to record this one in the studio, as a lot of the structure was changed about to make parts of it snappier. Live, the song is great to throw in the middle of the set to ease it down for a minute. Give our crowd a break from all the energy with the mellow verses. But the chorus is pretty full on so they don’t get off that easy […]”.

My Own Way: “What you can expect from this song is a fast, upbeat, happy track! This is the oldest song out of all of them on Perseverance. It actually started as a slow acoustic song, and we changed the main part to be distorted and a lot quicker. It’s got more of a rock feel than a lot of the other tracks. And almost a double rhythm effect on the verse guitars which really fill out the sound. It didn’t change too much in recording, besides adding lots of background vocals and the sound of the drums in the breakdown. But it came out sounding great. It’s a great song to play live, as there’s lots of challenging drums on the track. This song always seems to go down well with the crowd, it gets everybody moving! […]”.

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