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French punk rockers Fall Flavored drop debut video for “Nonsense”

FALL FLAVORED are punk rock band from Lille, FRANCE, active since 2014. The band shares a simple and efficient music, tinged with melancholia and various influences.

Fall Flavored

After dropping their debut album “180” back in February 2018, the band is now back with a music video. The latter was indeed shot for the single “Nonsense”.

About this video, the band explains: “This song is the most emotional one on the album, particularly at the moment of the climax. It could be the story of anyone, who lives an impersonal life. And he/she knows it, which causes a lot of despair.

We tried to insert that ambiance of sadness and desperation with the cold blue light. We had a lot of trouble during the shoot. And the most important one was the Benji’s curse.

Let us explain the story.

At the end of the post production, we had a trouble with Benji’s sequences. After the export, there was a shadow following him on every movement. Only Benji was affected for an inexplicable reason. We thought it was the dark side of Benji trying to escape out of the screen to kill us all. So Benji had a spiritual journey to break the curse and find peace with himself. The battle was hard and Benji escaped death many times, but after 6 days fighting the devil, he beat him with the sword of love.

Picture: LYDER Geoffrey

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