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Learn more about Maypine’s music video ‘Give’!

Brighton quintet MAYPINE are set to unveil their forthcoming record, ‘Bend/Break’. The latter will indeed be available via self-release on 6th July. In the meantime, learn more about the band’s latest music video for single ‘Give’ below!

The video for ‘Give’ was filmed at St Peter’s Church, Brighton. This venue served as a great location for the video as the church was already kitted out with some amazing lighting and had a large space for a performance video. Lewis Cater directed the video with Nicholas Lee-Shields who was Director of Photography. We loved Lewis’ work with other UK rock bands such as Neck Deep and Moose Blood. So we were really excited to work with him on our video for ‘Give’.

As soon as we had chosen ‘Give’ to be our lead single from the EP, we knew that we wanted a performance based video with emphasis being on lighting that reflected the red/black branding for the EP. We started loading in for the shoot on a Friday night at around 9pm and began shooting at around 10.30pm. St Peter’s Church has large stained glass windows that couldn’t be covered so we had to shoot at night to ensure it was pitch black. So that the lighting had as much impact as possible. Our friend Henry and Becky’s girlfriend Lucy managed the lighting for the evening. And manually did the lighting for the 6 main batons at the back of the church and the 6 red batons on each pillar.

Shooting the video took it’s toll particularly on Jason who had a very bad back at the time. And Tommy, James and Dan who had just finished a week’s work. Between each take, most of us were taking naps on the floor! Due to the extremely loud music that we were playing to for backing and the red flashing lights, the occasional drunk passer by started banging on the glass windows of the church, wondering if it was some kind of ‘satanic disco’.

We sleepily wrapped up at around 4.30am and couldn’t wait to see the final results from Lewis. After a few weeks we were sent the video and we were so excited with the outcome. The all night shoot and sorting the logistic of using the church were well worth it!

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