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Punk rock trio FRND CRCL talks about their latest release

Punk, pop rock trio FRND CRCL recently dropped their new single “Fit For A King”. The latter was produced by Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard.

Our band chemistry is unique to me. We all couldn’t come from more different musical backgrounds! Adam is a classically trained upright bassist while I just wanted to make great songs like blink 182 and Green Day. Aaron plays drums like a ROCK. He is always in time and makes beats that I wouldn’t have thought of. The way our band works, is im the songwriter. I come to these guys with a vision, an outline, that I have in my head. They help me execute it while making it something greater. I guess the best way to put it is that we take our different influences and mesh them into something new. As seen in Fit For A King, it can be soft, somber and sad. Yet, it can be aggressive, playful, and fun.

Fit For A King was a new venture for us. The story behind it is almost like a movie that I see in my head and I just find a way to put it into words. The way it came to be was just me messing around on my guitar, making joke songs. I started playing whats now the intro riff to the song and I thought wow! That, to me, just feels like walking alone on a snowy, cold winters night at Christmas time, so I built on it.

To me, the song is more of a punk-rockesque musical number than it is a pop punk Christmas song. And that’s a direction that I want to take the band in as well because every band needs a niche. We would like to strive to be a multi media company and a band. Right now, we focuse on building our brand and gaining a fanbase,” reveals vocalist Zac JOHNSON.

FRND CRCL came to be in May of 2015 when Zac met drummer Aaron in community college. Aaron began writing tasteful beats and fills and soon enough they recorded a quick demo. Upon hearing the demo, Adam joined shortly afterwards and FRND CRCL was born.

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