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The Cryptics share their new song, titled “Time to Kill Time”

In their 12 years together, The Cryptics have released 3 studio albums, toured internationally… And direct supported some of their favorite artists.

Picture: Zack Belmonte (@zack_belmonte)

After revealing their new single and video “Face The Day” last week, the band is now sharing a new song, titled “Time to Kill Time”.

“Time To Kill Time” is a song about and against sluggishness and self-denial. It addresses something that hardly anyone speaks about or even notices: negative group mentality. When people get together they’d rather sit around and do nothing than do something productive or fun. The topic gets more depressing as we begin to imagine younger people in this situation. Kids sitting around playing video games, eating garbage, taking drugs, afraid or embarrassed to say anything in a group. So few are saying “hey, let’s get up and go somewhere. Let’s play a game, let’s do something outside, let’s live.” They would rather go with the flow than actually do something productive or meaningful. And it’s not to say people shouldn’t relax once in a while. Nothing wrong with that. But the problem is it’s all aimless relaxation. It’s all phones. It’s all video games. It’s all unhealthy.

It blows my mind that anyone can claim boredom. There is so much in this world you can do no matter what you’re interested in. This song is a societal reality check and an SOS to the people that are active, productive, and jovial so they know that they are not alone. There are people who have goals. People who know what they want in this world. People who couldn’t dream of boredom. People who like to have fun. The song speaks for itself – who has the time to kill time?!” – Tino Valpa (vocals)

The band’s upcoming record, “Continuous New Behavior”, will be out on January 31st. Pre-orders are now available here: https://pinehillrecords.com/shop/

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