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Rockers BURNING BIRDS reveal their album’s track by track

After a debut EP “Take A Ride” released back in 2020, the French rockers BURNING BIRDS have revealed their debut album, “Where We Belong” on March 25th 2023 (CD version) and March 28th (digital version). To learn more about the songs on this album, Julien (vocals/guitar), took time to write a track by track!

Picture by Jody Two Wolves

“Dirty Town”

“Dirty Town” opens the album and sets the tone with a stoner sound and catchy chorus, with all the punch the band is capable of. A change of tempo right at the end of the intro takes the listener by surprise. The influence of Black Sabbath and, perhaps more discreetly, Midnight Oil, can be heard in the raw sound and a certain urgency to play it.

“It flows in my Veins”

“It flows in my Veins”, with its disco-infused bass and drums, is a reminder that the band likes to get their audiences dancing at their live shows. It also has its place in the current post-punk movement, with some of its sounds and the nervous instrumental outro that is one of the band’s trademarks.


“Brother” pays tribute to one of the band’s main influences, Queens of the Stone Age, and lays the foundations for a new way of structuring and arranging a song, allowing for surprising breaks and rhythm changes. On this track, the drums have been recorded in the English style, by separating the toms and cymbals when recording, giving it a punch and roundness despite the incisive rhythm.

“Already Done”

“Already Done” is the band’s first ballad. Intimate and roomy, it offers a different approach to the band’s sound and dynamics, with a fairly “acoustic” construction that recalls the influence of Johnny Cash and other songwriters. And for a ballad, it’s about a love affair gone wrong.

“Out of the Cage”

“Out of the Cage” is the band’s English influence. The band adds their stoner touch to a track with a very British tone. It’s a big fight in a bar. For the first time in the band’s history, an instrumental passage musically “illustrates” the point of the song: the beast is about to get out of its cage!

“Keep It Wild”

“Keep It Wild” takes the rock package and adds a touch of class, giving the vocals a whole new dimension. It shows the ambivalence of the band, their desire to play with dynamics and the pleasure they take in it. And that’s exactly what this track is about, pleasure…

“I walk with the Devil”

“I walk with the Devil” is a tribute to crazy, psychedelic songs, rock’n’roll and stoner. A night of descent into drugs to emerge at dawn. Accompanied by Austrian jazz saxophonist Astrid Weisenger, the band takes their psychedelic instrumental work to its logical conclusion. Everything about this track is crazy!

The album “Where We Belong” is now out on major streaming platforms!

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