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Distrolution’s monthly discoveries!

We got the opportunity to discover some pretty amazing bands and artists lately. You’ll find below a little recap of the songs that have caught our attention over the past few weeks!

monthly discoveries - ARTICLE

Paddang – “Bury Me”

On their single “Bury Me”, the band comments: A very emotional track where love, disappointment, rage and hope mingle together. Bury Me is a kinda craziness, this burning flame that lives with us and would end up burning ourselves out when a passionate relationship is ending… this inability to see that it is not the end but the beginning of something new.

Radio 911 – “Vox Populi”

“Vox Populi” is the new cry of liberation launched by the Belgian trio Radio 911, to mark the end of a trying but also revealing confinement. An energetic, committed and original French single that looks back on an unprecedented crisis, where the voices of many were not heard. Between ska, rock and punk, Vox Populi is a day of celebration!

Stubborn Trees – “Phony Lights”

With “Phony Lights”, the 4th music video from their debut EP, Stubborn Trees plunge us into a dark and disturbing universe where nothing seems to make sense. An idea illustrated by the ghostly characters of the video, who seem to reproduce the same gestures, frozen in time. How to break the weight of habits and accept the darkness to discover the light? To lose yourself the better to find yourself.

The Grand Prix – “Gravel”

In the third track of their debut EP, The Grand Prix draw from punk, post-punk and even punk rap influences to deliver the soundtrack to a feverish nightmare. With its intense beat, reeling riffs and distorted vocals, “Gravel” blasts through several scenes at 180 BPM and exposes fragments of an alienated mind.

22 for Silicon Alone – “Only Dark Matters”

Discover “Only Dark Matters”, the new single and music video of the Belgian rock project 22 for Silicon Alone, led by artist Alexis Pfrimmer. This song is a mix of metal, rock and jazz. Enjoy!

As Time Fades – “Hollow”

Cleveland pop punk band As Time Fades is back with another single from their upcoming sophomore EP Trust Fall. The new track “Hollow” taps into the band’s love for the 2000’s elder emo era of bands like Mayday Parade and follows up the recent single “Marionette”.

South Berkeley – “Bound For Hell”

French pop-punks South Berkeley have announced the release of their debut album on October 15th 2021. In the meantime, the guys have revealed a music video for their single, “Bound For Hell”.

Heartprints – “Only Love Matters”

On the first anniversary of the guitarist’s death, the metal band Heartprints has released a song and music video, “Only Love Matters”, dedicated to Roman “Captain” Nesterovskyi.

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