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Distrolution’s monthly discoveries!

We got the opportunity to discover some pretty amazing bands and artists lately. You’ll find below a little recap of the songs that have caught our attention over the past few weeks!

monthly discoveries - ARTICLE

Declan Welsh & The Decadent West – “Parisian Friends”

Indie quartet Declan Welsh & The Decadent West share addictive new cut “Parisian Friends”, taken from their brand new EP ‘It’s Been a Year’, out since June 17th 2021! It’s a “song about being surrounded by cool people and feeling like ye might not match up.”

The Resolute – “Leopard”

Here’s The Resolute’s brand new single and music video for “Leopard”. They guys are taking a DIY approach to their art by controlling all aspects from the writing, producing, recording and mixing of their music, to the creation of their own music videos.

HWDU – “Space Punk”

Introducing the 4 piece alternative rock band HWDU, with their single “Space Punk”. The latter is taken from the band’s “Love Crime” EP, out since May 2021 on major streaming platforms! Enjoy.

Superhead – “Supersoaker”

Superhead is an indie punk trio that combines loud and raucous noise with melodic pop-sensibilities to create a massive euphoric sound full of youth. Check out their new single “Supersoaker” below!

Pylons – “The Chase”

I think the only way to keep up with the game of life is to stop keeping up entirely. We made “The Chase” to spite the new world mediums and to remind everyone that you’ve got to be okay with just existing. The world has started to feel overly romanticised and skin deep to the point of being cosmetic, but living is a creative expression that this single pays homage to.” – Crosby Stewart (singer)

Erasing Grace – “Running Out of Reasons”

Woman-fronted grunge, grit, and riot girl blues from Liverpool, UK. Stomach twisting, tribal drums, and heavy distortion are laced with tormented harmonies, inspired by “a lifetime of feminine disaffection, furious vulnerability, and painful alienation”.

Finn – “Dead or Alive”

Dead or Alive” is an upbeat blues-rock-ballad from Finn’s newly released album. The track is a tale of an outlaw and his lover accomplice, who are on the run from the authorities. It is a tale of deceit, lies, love, lust, revenge, punishment, futility and regret.

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