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Indie pop rockers Persona reveal new single “Indie Cowboy”!

Long Island indie pop/rock band Persona find their footing in their new single “Indie Cowboy”.

Released with a corresponding music video. The quartet indeed explore various elements of indie rock, pop, and alternative on the track. While simultaneously sounding rather seasoned and crisp.

Although just a single, you get a sense of perseverance from Persona, who collectively as individual members have overcome quite a few trying feats. Taking those unique pains and applying it to Persona’s creative process, the result is an indie mish mosh of triumph.

About “Indie Cowboy,” the band states:

“Indie Cowboy” has been a long time in the making. The intro guitar riff was written by singer Tom Spartinos nearly ten years ago! It wasn’t till about 4 years ago, where the band actually started to put it together. Musically the song came together after CJ Kostaras joined the band and took the drums to a whole new level. Lyrically, the song was written within the last 6 months by Costas Themistocleous and Tom Spartinos.”

We are by no means a political band or band that’s really in touch with politics, but we wanted to write a song about current events and where we feel we fit in such places.” States Tom Spartinos. “Indie Cowboy is an indirect shot at the racism, division, & state of the current world and its affairs. I believe everyone needs to lay down their pride and just remember that we are all human beings,” adds Costas Themistocleous.

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