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Psychic Quarter, The Pistol Mystics, to release “Deep Water”

Hailing from the alleys of Cincinnati’s little-known Psychic Quarter, The Pistol Mystics actually took the rock scene by surprise with their debut EP, “Ammunition“. The band fuses Rains’s powerful vocals with ripping guitar riffs. Their goal is indeed to concoct a collection of thoroughly modern, retro-inspired gems.

Deep Water” is an extended metaphor for the public personas we all wear on the surface. It was the result of a particularly eye-opening chat with a co-worker. As a newcomer to office politics, it came as somewhat of a surprise that people would intentionally mask their true intentions. It also came as a further surprise when it was suggested I develop my corporate “poker face.” As I thought it over, it felt like I had been swimming on the surface. Avoiding the sharks I can see above water. Ignoring the real dangers below; the first line of the song is:

The sharks I can see don’t make me nervous/The real danger lurks beneath the surface

The idea that I was only floating on the surface of peoples’ real intentions stuck with me. I indeed realized that it also applies to romantic relationships, as explained in the following lyrics:

Pinned down, pinned down, she lied and I caught her/Way out in deep, deep water

“Deep Water” indeed encourages the listener to get past surface images to peoples’ real intentions:

I’m down, dive down into deep water…
Cast your line into deep water…

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