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Psykokondriak unveil new album “Machines”!

Psykokondriak is a six-piece rock ‘n roll, hip-hop band, offering a fusion of irresistible grooves, sing-along gimmicks, killer scratches and devastating flows. After almost 70 gigs defending their first album ‘Gloomy Days’, the band gets back on tracks in 2018.

Psykokondriak are indeed back with their second record “Machines” on digital platforms, since today, April 30th. The vinyl press is however planned for May 9th. Impatient to rock the stage again, the Psykos will also hit the road at the beginning of spring 2018.


About this release, the band explains:

We’ve been working on our new album for quite a long time now, and it’s been an interesting journey, as we decided to emphasize our hip-hop facet. We’re known for our hip-hop/rock’n’roll sound, a fusion of genres really close to what was done in the 90’s. Our first album Gloomy days was in that vein, with heavy riffing, scratches and rap vocals. As “nu-metal” as this description could sound, we’re in fact way closer to the funk side of it, with bands such as The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, Fishbone, Run DMC, Funkadelic, among our influences. This new album was the occasion to stress our love for that music, try new approaches and test ourselves on a field we had never been onto before.

It took us a bit longer than we expected at first, because we’re meticulous, and because you don’t just decide you’re a beatmaker all of a sudden. We had to understand new logics of work, new equipment, and everyone of us had to find a new place for himself. It was quite a challenge to be honest. We’re really proud of the result, as we were not sure at the beginning if all those efforts would lead to something decent to listen.

The struggle for us was to keep the band’s identity in a different sound : our live shows will remain the same energetic, exciting, stage-divish mayhem, with the same rock ‘n roll set-up we’ve always had. We don’t want people to take this album as a musical shift, but rather see it as the second side of the same coin.

You can hence expect a groovy and infectious rap-rock record, with neck-breaking beats, guitar solos, crazy vocal whims and over-the-top scratching. And you shouldn’t have a hard time acknowledging you’re into a Psykokondriak record.

Stream “Machines” on Bandcamp:

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