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Suck My Blues: “Rebirth”, their new album, is officially out!

Suck my Blues is an industrial rock band with blues influences. The band with a completely new line-up, back on scenes after their debut ‘s album “Suck my Blues” (2014) with a powerful blend of rock and old style blues melded with a new indie sonorities. Their sound utilized the technique of shifting between quiet verses, soft melodies and loud choruses shaped to the hot and soft singer’s voice.

Suck My Blues

If Blues meant to be “beauty and poetry”, the band’s sound is a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. “Rebirth”, their new album, is now officially out since September 28th 2018!

Salvatore Cafiero, band’s singer and lead guitar, said:

Rebirth means a “new born” in music and also in life; an advice to live loud and even if you fall, never give up and stand back on your feet. This album was realized after Jessy Maturo – the Super Reverb’s singer – passed away on last april 11th. That was a terrible experience but I decide to step forward with “Suck my Blues’ “ project with Tonio Longo (bass guitar) Filippo Longo (drum) and Michele D’Elia on elettro synth. Our lyrics talk about every passion, madness, visions, dreams and suffer in our oneiric way, just like blues we think should be”.

Check out the band’s newest release on various digital platforms, such as Spotify or Itunes!

Suck my Blues

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