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Pestilent Reign – Announce debut album “Pyres” details

Pulverizing German death metal outfit Pestilent Reign is proud to announce the upcoming March 16th release of their skin-flaying debut album, “Pyres”.

The Southwest Germany-based group has spent the last few years developing a unique sound through countless live performances and the release of two EP’s to date. Now in 2018, their dedication and hard work have culminated in the devastatingly heavy and varied work of death metal that is “Pyres”.

This first album will see release on March 16th through Rising Nemesis Records and Rebirth the Metal Productions.


This first full-length album will have a total length of 39 minutes playtimes in eight tracks. It was recorded at Iguana Studios by Christoph Brandes, and the cover artwork was created by Bahrull Marta of Abomination Imagery .

Across eight tracks, “Pyres” draws strength from a multitude of influences such as Dyscarnate, Psycroptic, Dying Fetus, Aborted, Misery Index, and Revocation in a multi-faceted manner that’s as rewarding to listen to as it is fun. On Pyres, Pestilent Reign strikes the perfect balance between straightforward modern death metal, sledgehammer-like brutality, thrashy hooks, technically adept flourishes, and monstrous grooves.

Pestilent Reign had this to say about Pyres and the experience it offers:

“Our first full-length album, Pyres is not only a compilation of our early material, it is also partially a refined, structured concept with the songs “Martyr”, “Savior” and “Zealot” as the lyrical center of Pyres. But musically, the wideness of the spectrum of Pyres is a lot bigger, including our early songs like “I.M.T.R.M.” or “Cleanse the Flesh” and also well-structured, long and variant tracks like “Gutter’s Filth”.



1. Martyr
2. You Will Kneel in Piss and Blood
3. Saviour
4. Ouroboros
5. Cleanse the Flesh
6. Zealot
7. I.M.T.R.M.
8. Gutter’s Filth

Tour dates with Kataplepsy (RU) and Yardfield Colony (DE)

19/03/2018 – Wroclaw TBA (PL)
20/03/2018 – Brno Vegalite (CZ)
21/03/2018 – Brastislava Fuga (SVK)
22/03/2018 – Bánská Bystrica RC Tartaros (SVK)
23/03/2018 – Praha Žižkovská Noc (CZ)
24/03/2018 – Náchod Music Claub Bazzem (CZ)


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