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Orion reveals his new double single, “Entitlement // Ov The World”!

Orion has recently unveiled his new double single, titled “Entitlement // Ov The World”. Both songs are indeed now available to stream on major streaming platforms! On this new release, the artist comments:

Entitlement // Ov The World takes place in an imagined not so distant future. The world is slowly integrating itself with machines, losing touch with their humanity which has created a dystopian technocratic society.

As the line between reality as we know it and virtual reality blurs, some begin to wake up and seek the divinity within themselves in nature, while others integrate themselves deeper, fully replacing their minds and bodies with machines.

The two tracks join an individual who’s, from the beginning of his ascension, waking up and seeing the world around what it truly is for the first time.”

Orion - artwork

With a strong and capable team behind him, Orion is definitely ready to make an impact on the global music scene and collective consciousness by spreading good vibes and giving back to the universe through diverse underground music.

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