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Our Untold Story drop a music video for “Strong Ones”!

Our Untold Story are a punk-rock crew from Stockholm, Sweden. The band recently dropped a music video for single “Strong Ones”, that you can indeed watch below.

Our Untold Story

This song is from the bands’ upcoming album “My Dreams, My Rules”, out on June 3rd.

On this release, vocalist Xander Turian explains:

I always like my music to tell a story and that’s what we have tried to do here. Strong Ones is a song about growing up, being bullied, being pushed down and being an out sider. Whilst all the stereo typical ‘popular’ kids are partying around them and following trends, the outcast is focussing on studying, music or developing a certain skill.

It follows how the tables turn years on into adulthood and those once called geeks, freaks and nerds are the ones leading the way, they are the ones following their dreams and now the ones following the trends are left behind. After years of being pushed down they are now leading, they are the Strong Ones’.

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