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Thanks to Peter118, learn more about the UK pop-punk scene!

Peter118 are a Christian Punk band that are making some serious waves in the UK music community right now. The band takes influences from the 90s punk rock sound and bands of the 70’s like The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Peter was indeed kind enough to give us some time to answer a few questions for Distrolution!


Hello Peter118. Hope you’re doing great? First of all, thanks for taking time to chat with me. For those who are not familiar with your band, could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your roles in Peter118? Hi, were doing great at the moment. We have just been exposed to the wider UK Pop Punk community, the facebook group ‘UK POP PUNk’ of 15 k members has recently changed its name to Peter118 UK. Now, Peter118 is an established name amongst the UK pop Punk scene.

Peter118 is a Christian Pop Punk band. The band comprises of me Peter – on guitars and vocals, my wife Janine on bass, Alishia guitars and vocals and Sam the drummer.

Over the years, I had the chance to work and feature many UK bands. I’m also glad we finally have the chance to feature you as well! From your own POV, how would you describe the Uk punk scene overall? The UK pop punk scene is pretty good at the moment. More bands starting up, loads of gigs, festivals and bands being exposed such as the success of bands like ‘Neck Deep’ and ‘As it is’. We’re indeed happy to be part of that growing scene. The old school scene is good also, we have played with many old school bands. In December 2017, we supported Clem Burke from Blondie in LA with his new band. We’re also looking forward to supporting Louise Distras in our home town in Stoke on Trent in April.  

Speaking of music, could you please introduce your latest video for single ‘Wasting’? How was the shooting experience for this music video? ‘Wasting’ is raw energy mixing the old school sound with the modern pop punk influence. It was filmed in a skate park in Stoke on Trent. It was fun the record and film as we had skaters skating alongside us whilst we filmed. The song was also played on ‘Kerrang’ radio and total rock in the UK.

Are you guys currently working on new projects? If yes, what can we expect from Peter118 in 2018? We indeed just released a double CD, including an anthology and live in USA album on Raven Faith Records. In a month or two, we’re going to record two songs to the UK pop punk community as a free download. We want to give a gift back to those guys who supported us.

Last but not least, what would you say has been the biggest highlight of your band’s career so far? Thanks for your time! We have so many highlights. I think meeting Rodney Bingenheiemer in the USA, being played on Kerrang radio and the UK pop punk scene exposure  stands out for me.

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