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Poor Me (Denver punk) release new song “Sugarcane”!

Denver punk act Poor Me, have released the title track for their upcoming ‘Sugarcane’ EP. The eight-song record will be self-released on August 14, 2018. Poor Me last released their full-length Cosplay in 2015. You can find out more about the Denver, CO band over on their Facebook page. Watch the video and read the band’s statement about it below.


Though most of this EP contains fabricated narratives about characters making tough decisions or coming to terms with circumstances. Sugarcane is the song on the record that I wrote from personal frustrations. I’ve always played with the idea of playing music full-time. But never could find the confidence in myself to make it work. I work a full-time retail job instead while going to school instead, touring with the band when I can. Part of this comes from being convinced that school is the way to get ahead, but as I’ve ruminated over the years, I certainly don’t believe that to be true.

Schools have frustrated me with unpaid internship opportunities (that’s indentured servitude, folks), a half-hearted commitment to job placement, and a pile of debt. Of course, I’m aware no one forced me into the years of schooling; I love learning and have received a great education. Despite, I still feel some frustration toward the purely capitalistic facets of University education. I believe everyone deserves a shot at getting the education that works for them, but access is limited to the well-off and those who risk future financial struggle if job placement is difficult.

So, this song tussles with the same binary decision-making process the rest of the record does. Do we go to school to be good little capitalists? Do we need the system or are there other ways to be and informed, skilled, and contributory member of society? How much do we need the system to lead us to the opportunities we seek, and how much of it is just a system of access to highly paid ‘knowers,’ a cash grab centered on margin-making decisions.

These are just rhetorical themes that culminated into this particular song. There’s no conclusion to be drawn here – but, my love for education often makes me wish the surrounding systems served relentlessly the improvement of humanity’s condition. I don’t think that’s always the case. Thanks for listening to our song.”

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