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Pop-punks For I Am have released a video for “The Armistice”!

Belgian (pop) punk outfit For I Am have released a video for “The Armistice”. It’s the first single off their upcoming album, which is due at the end of the year.

For I Am

The Armistice” is a somewhat different track than the ones we’re used to from the otherwise cheerful and poppy For I Am dudes and dudette. Moreover, it tackles the sensitive subject of mental health and aims to open up the conversation about the issue.

As intricate human beings, we at times experience difficulties getting the message across we want to get across. Reactions might differ because of underlying reasons we don’t know about or reasons we do not necessarily understand.

Mutual respect for one another is of the utmost importance, but sadly it’s also something we discard way too often. Let us at least try to understand each other and open up our hearts & ears to one another. Let us really listen. Let the armistice be now.”

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