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Metallers Left Hand Path reveal their self-titled EP!

Left Hand Path is a progressive extreme metal band, hailing from Cluj Napoca, Romania. The band’s new self-titled EP, will be officially available on June 17th via Loud Rage Music.

Left Hand Path

On this release, the band comments:

The Left Hand Path EP is the result of a long process. The music for some of the songs was born as early as 2015, when Edi Covacic, the band’s founder started working on them, helped by Attila Szenasi (bass), and José Morales (drums).

After a long period of lineup changes, the current line-up of our quintet, meaning Attila and José, joined by Ádám András and Wagner Tamás on guitars and Cristian Aionese as a vocalist began the work to pull the EP together, sometime around two years ago.

Besides the early songs, which have Edi’s imprint on them, the rest of the EP came together with András taking charge of composition. The rest of the band filling in their parts. And collaborating to reach the final forms of all five tracks on the album.

The characteristic percussive, low tuned guitar sound, punchy bass and sharp drum work of modern progressive and djent bands were all major influences, underlined at times by many of the members love for death metal. We always had our eye on sounding fresh and as original as we could. We believe there’s enough musical personality among the five of us to yield something new and exciting”, comments the band.

Speaking of the lyrics of the EP, the band reveals that Cristi is the lyricist behind most of the EPs verses. He’s indeed “showing off his creativity and vast spectrum of interests. Writing about how mankind’s recklessness might be its undoing, about how fragile the ego and the human psyche are. And even visions of the future, where reality slowly absorbs what was in the past only science fiction.

The lyrics for the song Left Hand Path were chosen to be something that Tamás wrote. Underlining what the band’s name stands for. Not allowing politics, religion, dishonesty or greed stand in the way of each person’s own path through life.

All in all, through a lot of hard work across the last year and a half. And the support of all our friends from across the Romanian underground scene, we are proud of how our debut material turned out. And we’d like to thank you for asking us about its story,” states the band.

The band’s self-titled EP, will be officially available on June 17th via Loud Rage Music. Save the date!

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