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Press Relations

Using a press relations service allows you to optimize your prospects and your results by putting forward a professional image. This is why Distrolution will guarantee your visibility and notoriety through our worldwide media partners.

That’s why we are committed to representing you with our media partners. We also help you, from A to Z, in the making of your project (release of a music video, an EP, an album, setting up a tour…) and optimize your schedule, in the best way. Whether you’re just starting or have already been in the music industry for a while, we’re here to fully help you reaching your maximum potential.

This is why we are, at Distrolution, offering affordable PR packages for underground bands and labels, in order to develop your online and print exposure! These packages are not only tailored to your needs in terms of communication and visibility, but also to your budget.

Over the years, we indeed had the chance to meet many people and work for many bands. These experiences allowed us to enrich our contacts and maximize our coverage around the world.

We take care of everything, from:

  • The writing of your press release in several languages ​​(French, English…)
  • The writing of your press kit in several languages ​​(French, English…)
  • The coverage of local and international medias (radios, webzines, paper magazines, social networks, playlists…)
  • The sending of your promotional CDs (according to the chosen PR package)
  • To being the link between the media and your band, thus allowing you to focus on your music and tours.

Each band entering our press relations roster has a focus on our social networks. We carefully share and amplify every article, interview, review, Spotify playlists entry and more!

We have already worked for

Bands Roster

Here are some of the bands and artists we are working for : Greg Rekus (Folk punk), Fall Flavored (Punk rock), The Rocket (Pop punk), Psykokondriak (Rock / Hip hop), Bare Teeth (Punk Rock), September Again (Alternative rock), Breaky Boxes (Indie Folk), The Shapers (Pop punk), Efreeti (Death Metal), Warfaith (Thrash Metal), ONLAP (Alternative rock) etc.

Our artists have all been featured in various medias all around the world. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in order to define a strategy for your project (your objectives, the targeted medias, your image and many more…). Let’s work together, so get in touch!

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