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Punk band AMHERST DRIVE drops debut EP!

Amherst Drive, which formed in Los Angeles in 2017, is the brainchild of experimental multi-instrumentalist Derek KORTEPETER. KORTEPETER uses his lifelong influence of growing up with Southern California’s punk music scene, to create a sound that is unique and also true to his roots.

Amherst Drive

After two singles, Amherst Drive is back with a debut EP “For Freedom and Democracy”. You can indeed stream this new release below! About this EP, Amherst Drive explains:

The debut EP is called For Freedom and Democracy. It is a very socially and politically minded record, I couldn’t write songs about things I am not passionate about. Many punk bands have waded into politics and exorcising personal demons in their music, so I am hardly the first (Black Flag probably did it the best). I have, however, something to say about the state of my country and myself. I hope that that message is clear in the album.”

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