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Punk rockers Ink Bomb unveil their new single, “Scourge”!

The Dutch melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb will release their debut album “Fiction” on August 23rd 2019. In the meantime, the guys have also revealed a single, titled “Scourge”.

Ink Bomb

Before the song was named Scourge, “Poppy song” was the working title during song writing. “We called it that way, because the song is more pop punk than many of our other songs,” says drummer Paul van de Geijn. “We wrote multiple new songs at the same time. This way, we immediately knew what new song we were talking about in the rehearsal room.

Guitarist Quirijn Foeken, who did the recording and production of the debut album, adds:

There are also a few of such pop punk songs on our EPs Invincible Summer from 2016 and Swim from 2017. The musical basis with which we initially start writing these songs is even more poppy and straightforward than the final result. Later in the writing process, we add some raw, unexpected aspects to obtain the typical Ink Bomb sound.”

Photo: Matthijs Mekking

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