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Punks Burn Burn Burn reveal their new album, “Chosen Family”!

For almost ten years now, Burn Burn Burn have been gaining steam and building a strong fanbase with their lively, powerful, and somewhat spastic live shows.

Burn Burn Burn

While donning anything from gold chains to party shirts, the band is a visual party of pure punk energy. However their new full-length, “Chosen Family”, showcases how the band has grown both as people and as a combined entity throughout the years.

Chosen Family” is officially co-released since February 27th, 2019 via Tiny Dragon Music, Bypolar Records, Stars At Night, and Asteroid M. Records. The album is officially available both physically and digitally.

“Chosen Family” track listing:

1. Top Shelf
2. Catharsis NOW!
3. Gold Chains and Party Shirts
4. Sharks
5. Road to Ruin
6. Fugue State
7. Nautical-Star Fuckers
8. 20th & Hendo
9. The Boy Who Cried Love
10. My Old Self
11. Hold
12. Nemesis House

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