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Avale – Incisives

I have seen Avale live two times, in a small bar in Metz and at a Grrl’s band festival in Paris. Whether on a sunday night in a small cave in the countryside or at a packed festival in the capital, the effect is the same. They electrify the crowd as soon as they set foot on stage. Black fringe, high heels, cold rage, this post-punk duo plays with burlesque imagery to deliver mesmerising acts which bring together sexuality and despair.

Metronomic drum, discreet keyboard, heavy distorted bass, Avale borrows from Synth-Wave and Post-Punk to incarnate the new face of French Cold Wave. Along with Frustration, Noir Boy George or Douche Froide, they are bringing the golden years of this genre back to the stage.

Their first LP “Incisives” recorded in June 2018 is available at Specific Records and is definitly worth hearing. Avale means swallowing in French, and, you’ll probably hold your breath and swallow your pride listening to these six fast, sad and punchy songs.

Avale will be on tour next spring, so don’t miss the occasion to see them and check their bandcamp page for more information.

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