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Gurgle – Can’t Forget

London punks Gurgle smash it out the ballpark with their sentimental take on the genre on their debut album “Can’t Forget”.


It’s taken Gurgle 5 years to put out their first release as a band but the wait has been worth it. Singer, guitarist, and main creative force of the band, Keith, cut his teeth in the London punk scene playing in more bands than you can count. And Gurgle’s repertoire is comprised of songs written as long as 20 years ago.

With members leaving to start families and become fathers it took Gurgle quite some time to gain momentum as a band. But with a now secure lineup, the group is flourishing. The band have a clear synergy together and what they’ve achieved together on their first album is real evidence of this. “Can’t Forget” echoes the remorseful and poignant punk rock of bands like Husker Dü but still sounds distinct and unique.

The first 3 songs on the album are a perfect run and introduce the general feel of the album really well. The first track, a cover of folk singer Ewan Mccolls’ song “Companeros” is an absolute belter. Oozing with energy and bringing an entirely new dynamic to the obscure Cuban Revolution folk song.

Under My Skin” has been stuck in my head every day since I first heard it and when you hear it you will understand why. In fact, the album is packed full to the brim with singalongs and catchy tunes. And perhaps fitting to the album’s title “Can’t Forget”, every song on the record is extremely memorable.

Keith’s riffs provoke a sort of vague feeling of regret and nostalgia. His vocals are melodic but have a real tangible grit to them. And he really conveys the genuine pain and emotions behind what he is singing about. The songwriting on the album is incredible and in their somewhat esoteric field of rugged melodic punk. They are truthfully up there with the best.

The drums on the record on the album are driving and the basslines are creative, making the album really flow. Bassist Matty really comes into his own on “Listen, Respect, Respond” where he takes over vocal duties with his deranged staccato delivery and disillusioned lyrics.

At just over half an hour in length, the album will leave you hungry for more. When it first came out I had to listen to it twice in a row I enjoyed it so much. To say I’m excited for more releases from Gurgle is an understatement.

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