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New Junk City – Same Places

The song ‘High in the morning‘ by New Junk City started playing in my headphones on Youtube auto-play a few days ago. I immediately went for their bandcamp page and started exploring their full releases. Their last LP ‘Same Places‘ was released last month (12th of October). I decided to use the freshness of the record to write a short review.

Same Places‘ kicks off with a super energetic song ‘Useless Friends‘. Has a sweet fuzzy-drive and tom-driven intro which turns into a melodic gritty-vocal verse. After it comes ‘High in the morning‘. When the song started I kind of got the feeling of listening to a much heavier punk version of the song Sister Cities by Hop Along. The anxious nostalgic vibe of the song just hits the spot for me. I would say that my favorite tracks on this record are ‘Stay Asleep‘ and ‘Come Tomorrow‘. Loved the interesting drum breaks and the powerful melodies of the vocal.

The only slower song on the album, ‘In our blood‘, has this fat sound and rocks hard. They finish it off with ‘Nothing Waiting‘ and a beautiful line saying: “This is all we get, there is nothing waiting at the end“.

To sum up, this album is like a crazy rolling stone. It’s really easy to listen to and I didn’t feel a single drop of energy during the half-hour listen. One of the only things that I’m not happy about is that the guys didn’t put enough effort to paste the lyrics on their bandcamp page. That would definitely make the reviewing and listening of this album an even nicer experience. Anyway, looking forward to the new material and hope to see New Junk City in Europe some time soon!

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