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The Ones You Forgot – Too Afraid To Say

The Ones You Forgot are a pop punk band from Brick, NJ that was formed in 2014. Now, the band has returned with a brand new EP, “Too Afraid To Say”, out since June 29, 2018.

You can also clearly hear the band’s influences on this EP, which is amazing, because I grew up listening to bands such as We Are The In Crowd, Paramore and All Time Low.

No need to tell you that this EP clearly represents what I like to hear. The instrumental parts are absolutely catchy and will make you want to shake your head to the beat of each track without a doubt! I’d say that the biggest strength of the band lies in the songwriting, and especially its chorus hooks. This is why the opening track “One Step Ahead” is one of the highlights on this release!

But to be 100% honest, each song on “Too Afraid To Say” really stands out. Honestly, there isn’t a single track that I consider less good than others. The best example of what the band can be at his best, melodically and instrumentally, is the closing and title track, “Too Afraid To Say”. Jenna’s voice is absolutely amazing on this one and this track simply brought me indescribable emotions (for real).

Too Afraid To Say” is a very strong showing from these guys. I can only imagine that they will get even better in time and I can’t wait to see how much they are going to evolve in the near future.

I guess that The Ones You Forgot have just gained a new fan. Well done, guys!

Photo by Dieter Unrath

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