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Mom Jeans – Puppy Love

Mom Jeans released their sophomore album “Puppy Love” on 3rd of July this year via Counter Intuitive Records (USA) and Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU). After listening to their debut album Best buds and NOW That’s What I Call Music Vol. 420 (split with Prince Daddy & The Hyena and Pictures of Vernon) for a bunch of times during the last few years, this album really caught me off guard because I somehow managed to miss the fact that they are in the process of delivering new material. This awesome surprise made me even more excited to listen to the new record for the first time.

Mom Jeans

The album cover looks like a polaroid band photo which boils with nostalgia for some good old times. Even though it probably depicts the present, which goes well with their emotional and anxious song writing.

With their first song Near death fail comp (must watch until end)”, I can immediately hear that they continue their trend of writing these weed-smoking teenage-anxiety anthems. I definitely expected that since the album name already suggested a bunch of odes to adolescent romances. The soft melody in the song glamorous reminds me a lot of Weezer’s Sweater Song. Sometimes when I read Eric’s lyrics, I really hope that he is not the sort of mess he is describing in the songs. And that it’s just a reflection on the everyday 21st century anxiety issues.

The tracks that got stuck into my ear the most after a few listens were Season 9 ep 2-3and You can’t eat cats Kevin. Probably because of their punkish beat, sweet guitar riffs and lyrics that you can perfectly enjoy while feeling that you can’t enjoy yourself at all.

“Let’s just, smoke a bowl and talk about this later. I just wanna watch the office and turn in early, tomorrow morning is a whole new fucking problem. And I just might not survive the night if you can’t find the time to be nice to me” (from the song: can’t eat cats Kevin).

They threw in a bit more trumpet and trombone playing into this record which I personally like, because they doze it perfectly. Along with the dirty backing vocals of Brianda Goyos León (Just Friends/Sweet Peaches), which turn the final song of the album from a pop summer hit into a desperate call to love (emo style).

The sound of the record remained similar to the old ones: clean but punchy guitars, simple harmonies with catchy guitar and vocal melodies on top. They are perfect at being just sloppy enough at playing, singing and mixing their records to bring this extra dose of sincerity to their music. I liked their first album a bit more, but I bet that I will change my mind after I give this record ten more listens. (Like I did with PUP, Jeff Rosenstock and pretty much every band I ever likes). All in all, a true gem of this new indie/emo punk rock wave.

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