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Rockers The Wingman unveil their debut EP “Sleeping Eyes”!

Italian rock act The Wingman has just released a debut EP “Sleeping Eyes”. The latter is indeed available since September 14th via This Is Core.

The Wingman

About the new EP the band says:

Sleeping Eyes was born among the Alps in Trentino Alto Adige in 2017. All tracks were recorded and mastered at the Kalimba Studio in Monselice, Padua, during the winter time. The EP is made of five songs and all songs are written by guitarist Alessandro De Marchi. “Bash” is the first track and starts on a dreamy guitar riff that gives the mood upon which all five songs build on. The verses give a melancholic vibe that fades in a high energy refrain that makes you instinctively keep the beat.

“Desolate Heart” is all about love, that unrequited love that strikes a man and eventually is better to leave behind. “Smells Like Alcohol” is the first song written by Alessandro and it’s definitely the most rock and catchy one.

“Sweetest Dream” resumes what “Bash” left behind and builds upon spacey guitar licks, brit pop melodies and then suddenly brakes in an epic guitar solo. The EP ends with a song called “Karpathos” that ties all the band’s influences together and explodes with a repetitive final refrain. The song is about a Greek isle where all of your concerns can dissolve away. When the last song fades in five seconds of silence you get the feeling you may get when waking up from a blurry dream or a detached reality from which we have to find our own escape”.

The Wingman

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