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Rockers Vagabond Specter unveil their single, “Not My War”!

Vagabond Specter is the joint brainchild of vocalist Pablo Specter and guitarist, keyboard player and producer Yuriy Smalius who met in Kiev in 2014.

Vagabond Specter

After a year of working together, the duo recruited bassist Egor Gavrilenko. And drummer Alex Okremov to bring their musical vision to life.

Vagabond Spector’s latest offering is the first single from their upcoming album “Bipolar”, titled “Not My War”. On this single, vocalist Pablo comments:

I was fed up with a woman’s behaviour towards me, always making up excuses such as ‘I was too busy to call you back. Or, I’m tired, let’s meet another day’. Even though I thought she was the one, I decided to break up with her. I felt sad but also liberated, this feeling of liberation inspired me to write Not My War.”

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