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Romain Ughetto makes a strong comeback with “T’es comme ça”!

Romain Ughetto makes a strong comeback with a new fresh & summer single, titled “T’es comme ça”. Accompanied by a music video with an offbeat spirit, Romain is staged in a parodic setting reminiscent of the known show “Baywatch”.

Romain Ughetto Clip

It’s through a text with a strong message, advocating the differences of each, that the singer thus conveys a nice message of acceptance, strength and determination. He’s therefore hoping to encourage each person who will listen to this track to want and be able to be what / who they are. Without fearing judgments and always pushing back the norms imposed by society.

“The story of this single is quite simple… While one night I was scrolling the newsfeed on Twitter, I came across a lot of tweets of people being bullied because they were judged as different. Some extravagant, some of the LGBT community, others from foreign communities.

I thought that in 2019, I find it serious to be in a society where what we consider to be the “difference” is often perceived as something negative whereas it is what constitutes all our wealth. Everyone should be able to be who he is, without fear of others and without the repercussions of their judgment.

That’s what inspired the lyrics of “T’es comme ça”. As I had promised my audience an exclusive single while waiting for the release of my “Generation 2000” cover project, I thought that recording this song and release it for the summer would be the best. Everything went really fast!

The single is now available on major streaming platforms and in physical version on Romain’s official website!

Picture by Alexis Fontaine

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