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We use to work with the best partners to offer you the best services ever, though adapted to your needs and budget. All the members of Distrolution actually come from the music industry and the DIY scene. So, they acquired a real experience that allows us today to guide you properly in your research.

Unlike many other companies, we know for a long time what bands and labels really need. Why ? Because we all come from underground music. As we come from the DIY scene, we know that there is no job you can’t do by yourself, but we just know how to do it better and faster.

With efficiency and quality at the heart of our operations, we provide 360-degree services for underground bands and labels, and can help you with the following needs.

We now have a dedicated website so that bands and labels can order their merch, vinyls, CDs, tapes, stickers, goodies, stage stuff and more : https://www.distrolutionmerch.com

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Press Relations


Whether you’re just starting or have already been in the music industry for a while, we’re here to fully help you reaching your maximum potential. We offer affordable PR packages for bands and labels around the world in order to develop your online and print exposure!

Community Management


Social media have finally become, over the years, one of the most essential tools for your band or your label. We are here to assist you in defining your social media strategy, creating your social media content and animating your social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and other platforms don’t have any secret for us.

Merch printing


Our range of products (t-shirts, stickers, zippers, crewnecks, goodies, caps, beanies, …) will ensure you find something to suit your requirements. With high quality products and prices to fit all budgets, Distrolution is here to provide relevant merch for your band or your label. Because we are also from those who buy merch from smaller bands.



We work with the best partners and factories to provide a very high quality for the best value price. If you’re looking for CDs, vinyls or tapes, you are at the right place. We will be more than happy to tailor a solution to your needs as we also release records with our bands or labels.



We also offer a distribution services and make sure you can sell your music so you can finally get some money back. We do digital distribution as it is more suitable for all kind of bands and labels. For bigger bands, we can also help you getting a physical distribution.



Distrolution can today help you with van and gear rental in Europe. We have a van and a backline ready to get on the road. We know what you don’t need a huge and expensive van when you don’t get a lot of money every night. That’s why we designed our offers having in mind what smaller bands earn on tour. If you are planning a tour in Europe, please get in touch with us.


Our motto at Distrolution is helping the underground bands and labels as best as we can so this website is yours. Publishing your news, making interviews and reviewing your records is and will always be free!

We will also do our best to spread the word on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Adding your music to our Spotify playlists is a free option too!


We would be more than happy to hear from you so please get in touch!

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