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Squidhead reveal «Awakening» single

Squidhead reveal “Awakening”, the first single of their upcoming album. From the depths of the cthulhu’s lair, their first album “Cult[ist]” will release on March 2d, 2018, via Phenix Promotion.



Cover art and logo by Cian Illustration.


1. Abyssal worshippers
2. Mantra of insanity
3. Awakening
4. Lucid Nightmares
5. Mad painter
6. Whispers of the deep
7. Torn skies
8. Verbis Diablo


The release party is programmed to the 2nd, March, 2018, during the “Apology Howl”, a gig in support to Yohann Thibaut (Friends of the bands, who had a serious accident a few months ago.).

“Dear Cultists, It is our great pleasure to invite you to our very first show and release party of the new Squidhead album!!!
See you in March en Famenne Friday 2nd of March (this a charity event for our good friend Yohann Thibaut). No excuses, moves your asses!!! The Painter



About Phenix Galasso

Having started my career in 2002, I was able to acquire a very varied experience in the musical field: musician, show organizer and booker, association president, manager, artistic director, label manager, editor, photographer, audiovisual manager, press manager... Given the diversity of my musical skills, DISTROLUTION is a logical sequel to my career.

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