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Stramonia are soon going to release their debut album “The WelcKomed”!

Italian heavy metal act Stramonia are soon going to release their debut album “The WelcKomed”. The latter will indeed be available on April 5th via This Is Core.


The album takes inspiration from esotericism and the horror imagery. Black masses, Lovecraft stories, tarots are just a part of the elements which they use to talk about more emotional and modern themes. Like solitude, redemption, religion, sublimation of the negative energies…

What you are going to hear is a rock/metal album, influenced by old school riff (Black Sabbath). With ’80s synths and keyboards, a modern production and vocal parts that range from the clean voice to scream and growl.

The goal with “The WelcKomed” was to create a nonpareil metal sound, which detaches from the mass. Partly extreme and partly classic, veined with horror, always catchy and easy to listen to.

Stramonia - Album artwork

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