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Stream Columbus’ new album ‘A Hot Take On Heartbreak‘!

Brisbane trio Columbus are back and they are here to offer ‘A Hot Take On Heartbreak‘. It’s their second album, out since May 25th via UNFD.


“On Spring Forever, we went into the studio and did exactly what we wanted” recalls Columbus’ singer/guitarist Alex Moses of their debut. “But after touring that record and it coming time to do a new one, we realised that the music we wanted to play was distinctly different. We didn’t want to be a pop punk band anymore and didn’t even want to be a punk band anymore! We wanted people to know us as a rock band”.

A Hot Take on Heartbreak‘ will certainly leave listeners in no doubt about that. Or that this change has harnessed excellent, if surprising, results.

Stream the band’s new album on Spotify!

Picture by Rachael Barrett

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