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Summer Hailstorm presents energetic new video for “Villains?”

Summer Hailstorm

Alternative metal quartet Summer Hailstorm presents energetic brand new video for the title track of the band’s just released debut EP – “Villains?”. Addressing the missive and the influence behind “Villains”, Summer Hailstorm shares. “This song deals with the concept of relativity regarding good and evil. Often, in order to …

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Diamonds On Neptune release their new single ‘Catawampus’!

Diamonds On Neptune

Diamonds On Neptune release their new single ‘Catawampus’. The guys are indeed proud to present their blend of hardcore, pop-punk, heavy metal, and metalcore. With a huge range of musical influences, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where they stand, but fans of A Day to Remember and Avenged Sevenfold are …

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Metallers Morphide are back with new single, “Enter The Storm”!


Morphide is a female-fronted alternative metal/progressive metal band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band has recently unveiled a new single titled “Enter The Storm”, available to stream below! On “Enter The Storm”, the band comments: “Enter The Storm points out the necessity to take action and make a change without …

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Vibrant Heels to release their new EP in September!

Vibrant Heels

Formed in 2015, Vibrant Heels was created from the ashes of former band, Upon Your Grave. With influences ranging from alternative rock, progressive music and a variety of metal styles. After their first independent release Driven, back in 2017, they strived to make better. For their upcoming EP, “Turbo Thunder …

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Alternative metallers NoSelf drop their new album!

NoSelf - Artwork

Alternative Metal outfit NoSelf from central Florida have released their new album, “Human-Cyborg Relations: Episode II”. The band’s sophomore effort was produced by Matt Johnson at Revelation Studios. The album comes as a follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Human Cyborg Relations: Episode I’, released in April of 2017. NoSelf …

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Introducing Overlaps with single “Is This Really Love?”!


Female-fronted alternative metal quartet Overlaps is back with a brand new live video for “Is This Really Love?”. The latter is indeed available to watch below! This song is indeed off of the band’s recently released, self-titled full-length debut album. Discussing the meaning and the influence behind “Is This Really …

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Metallers Revolutio talk about their album “Vagrant”!


Revolutio is a post apocalyptic alternative metal band, formed in 2011 and hailing from Bologna, Italy. Back in November 2018, the band released their album “Vagrant” via Inverse Records. Check out what they had to say about this release below! Hello Revolutio, thanks for your time! Let’s start with the basic question: …

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Revolutio – “Vagrant”

Revolutio - Vagrant Front Cover

Revolutio is a post apocalyptic alternative metal band, formed in 2011 and hailing from Bologna, Italy. Back in November 2018, the band released their album “Vagrant” via Inverse Records. Coming from the DIY punk scene, reviewing a metal album is not that easy for me… But guess what? I actually …

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