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PROFEZIA unveiled details for new album ‘Dodekaprofeton’

Profezia unveiled details for their new album ‘Dodekaprofeton’. The band is an impeccable line-up of Black Metal Masters, such as founding member Kvasir (Abhor, Mourning Mist), Saevum (Abhor), and Marco (Opera Ix, The True Endless, Skoll, Darkness). ‘Dodekaprofeton’ also features session contributions by members of  Angantyr, Woofs of Infinity, Mortuary …

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Chaostar reveal new album “The Undivided Light” details

Chaostar are unveiling the first single of their forthcoming album, “The Undivided Light”. The amazing Greek avant-garde explorers will release their fascinating fifth full-length on March 23rd, 2018, via Season of Mist. “The Undivided Light” comes as an invitation to a fascinating musical journey around the globe, which is equally …

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