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Trollwar unleash their new album, “Oath of The Storm”!


Hailing from Alma Québec, Trollwar combine the best elements of folk, melodic death and black metal into something vital, potent and uniquely their own. Building on the foundations created by the likes of Finntroll and Amon Amarth they forge fiery folky metal that is unique and complex. The band has …

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Down Memory Lane reveal conceptual EP “Release”!

Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane, from Montreal, have officially revealed their new EP titled “Release”. It’s indeed now available on the most popular online retailers through Thousand Islands Records. The 6-track conceptual album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Vincent Coté and also features artworks by SterioDesign. “Release” can be streamed and …

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Canadian metallers Atria unveil “New World Nightmare” EP!


Canadian anthemic metal band ATRIA have dropped their debut EP “New World Nightmare” on November 16th. The debut is just a teaser of what is to be expected from them. They also add plenty of synth and orchestral parts and experiment with varying degrees of technicality over four introductory tracks. …

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Call It A Day release debut EP “Mind the Gap”!

Call It A Day

French skatepunks Call It A Day have released their debut EP “Mind the Gap”. The release is out via Thousand Islands Records and available through all digital platforms. Check it out below! “Mind the Gap” provides the listeners with a perfect introduction to the band’s fast and shredding skatepunk. The …

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Air For Ants present their album, “Once Again With Feeling”

Air For Ants

NYC alternative indie-rock/pop outfit Air For Ants present their new album, “Once Again With Feeling”. The latter provides a immersive sonic exploration of relationships, emotions, and self-reflection. The seven-track release takes listeners on a emotional journey into their own world of reflections, feelings, and memories. As personal as the material is, the …

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Metallers Dirge reveal their debut album, “Ah Puch”!


India based sludgy doom outfit DIRGE have released their debut album, “Ah Puch”. The latter is indeed available to stream below! “Ah Puch” is a concept album based on Mayan, Aztec Mythology mixed with historical events. The story revolves around the resurgence of the ancient Mayan God of Death – Ah Puch …

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Sarah and the Safe Word release EP “Red Hot & Holy”!

Sarah and the Safe Word

Atlanta gothic pop/rock and roll band Sarah And The Safe Word have released their new EP, “Red Hot & Holy”. Sarah And The Safe Word introduce a wide variety of instruments in their twist on modern rock. Including those such as violins and double keyboards, morphing together to create a …

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The Persian Leaps reveal “Pop That Goes Crunch”!

The Persian Leaps

Power-pop / indie-rock band The Persian Leaps have dropped their album “Pop That Goes Crunch”. In a unique forging of their own path, it comes as the band’s debut full-length, but also as an 18-song “best of” anthology release. A selection of seventeen choice tracks were taken from across the …

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Arising From reveal their EP, “Contemplating The Unknown”!

Arising From

Montreal melodic punk rockers Arising From are excited to reveal their sophomore EP, “Contemplating The Unknown”. “Contemplating The Unknown” was recorded and mixed by Nick Gagnon at the Bat Cave Studio and mastered by Gautier Marinof. The album will serve as a follow up to Arising From’s debut self-titled EP …

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Majority Lost reveal their video for “Little Man”!

Majority Lost

Los Angeles punk act, Majority Lost have released a music video for their song “Little Man”. This song is off their new EP, “We Needed This More Than You Wanted This”. The EP is also available to stream in full on Bandcamp. It’s for ‘name your own price” download. All …

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Redwood release “Lay Your Love Down” EP!


Redwood are a dynamic 5-piece alternative rock outfit from Hertfordshire UK. Drawing influence from genres such as emo and post-rock, they combine delicate melodies and thought provoking lyrics over shimmering, intricate guitar lines with powerful chorus’ and explosive endings. Their live show is truly something to behold; energetic, atmospheric, dynamic …

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Hail The Sun release new full-length “Mental Knife”!

Hail The Sun

California-based progressive post-hardcore outfit, Hail The Sun, released their highly-anticipated new full-length, “Mental Knife”. The latter is indeed now out via Rude Records! “Mental Knife” is indeed the closest the band has come to realizing the sound they’ve sought since forming in 2009. Donovan Melero adds this regarding “Mental Knife”: …

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