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Burial Hordes reveals a second single from his new album

Greek black metal band Burial Hordes premieres a new song and video called “Human Condition (Isolation-Meaninglessness-Mortality)”, taken from their upcoming new album ‘ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ ΑΙΩΝΙΟΣ (The Termination Thesis)’, which will be released by Folter Records in September of this year. “HUMAN CONDITION (ISOLATION-MEANINGLESSNESS-MORTALITY” OFFICIAL VIDEO ALBUM ARTWORK TRACKLISTING 1. Human Condition …

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Dunkelnacht reveal ‘Empire of Mediocracy’ album concept

The French band Dunkelnacht will soon release their new album entitled ‘Empire Of Mediocracy’. It will succeed the EP ‘Anthopocenia’ released in 2017. DVNKELNΛCHT – ΣMPIRΣS ΩV MΣDIOCRΛCY – Concept CONCEPT This is an experience. The aim is to categorize human beings. The aim is to make them believe in …

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